Biometric Gun Safes – What You Need To Know

gun safe biometric

People rely on handguns to protect themselves or their near and dear ones from danger. What firearms are to people safe is to guns. A gun safe provides a secure place by preventing unauthorised access. Gun safe manufacturers are always trying to improve gun safe security and have embraced technology to help them with it. Use of biometric sensors that read fingerprints is one such technology being used in gun safes. There are many biometric safes of a variety of sizes and hundreds of models available in the market online as well as in stores. viking gun safes online is the best place if you are searching for biometric gun safes. The importance of choosing the best gun safe is mentioned in

How Biometric Gun Safes work

Biometric gun safe uses your fingerprint to provide access to the safe unlike the traditional safe when you had to enter passcodes or use a key. Fingerprints of people who should access the gun have to feed. Biometric system takes in the prints, converts it into a digital form based on the unique fingerprints and saves it for future use. To open the safe, one presses their fingerprints onto a pad which has sensors to read the prints and match the previously entered fingerprints. Only if the fingerprints match, the safe opens.

Benefits of Biometric Sensors

Better Security: Every fingerprint is unique and hence cannot be duplicated. This technology helps to prevent access to unauthorised people. The safe is built to store more than one fingerprint to be able to provide access to adult family members, thereby preventing burglars as well as children from getting access to a gun

Convenient to use in an emergency: When in an emergency, you need not remember passcodes or where the keys to the safe are. With the swipe of your finger, the gun safe is easily and quickly accessed. Also, the matching of fingerprints is done in a matter of seconds, quicker than using codes or unlocking with keys.

Fool proof: Using biometric technology, without a fingerprint match the safe cannot be opened. This is a foolproof way of keeping your gun safe from theft.

Multipurpose: biometric safes come in various sizes, apart from keeping your gun safe, they can also be used to store jewellery, cash or any documents inside. Also, biometric safes are fire and water proof.

As with every other device, biometric safes also have a few disadvantages.

● The newer models are a little expensive compared to the other types of safes.
● Biometric safes do not pattern match if you have cut or soiled your finger, this can be a big concern when in an emergency. As a workaround to this problem, you can feed in fingerprints of all your fingers.
● Most models of biometric safes need the power to work. It has to be either always plugged into the wall outlet or run with batteries. If there is no power to open the safe, it does not scan until it is charged.
● Older and cheaper models randomly open the safe even with no proper authorization.

There are many newer models with additional features like a key in case the battery dies or to manually configure the safe. All in all, biometric safes are a better bet than traditional safes.